Omnia Sphere

by Step 4

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released March 23, 2014

Music by Chris Otaki and Karim Sabri
Vocals by Max CG
Album Artwork by Naraka Designs



all rights reserved


Step 4 Montreal, Québec

Step 4 is an Experimental/ Progressive Metal /Jazz based band in Montreal, Quebec. We are all about 8 strings and low tunings, trippy/atmospheric sound and jazzy riffs.

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Track Name: Deterioration Imminent
An endless tunnel made of binary numerals
Each representing a memory
All data is stored on these walls
And considered history
Everything is stored and no choice is given
Motionless thoughts escape my grasp
I speak but no one listens
My mind cannot process all the past

Crystals will form and replace the void
Slowly taking their solid shape
Leaving a mark no one can avoid

Follow your first footsteps
Back to when you were born
Back to the origin
Your human form

Illusory existence preferred over reality
I am left with this duality
If dreams come true
Then nightmares do too
Revealing all uncertainties at hand
I always knew this tunnel would never end

And one by one
They disappear
As if it is outrun
Empty of souvenirs
All the memories
Harvested over the years
It is all gone away
The joys, the fears
Have been led astray
It is inevitable
The doubt, the torment
The past, the present
The human mind
Is made irrelevant
The deterioration
Track Name: The Marker
Curiosity has led us to progress
But another
Creation among many
Is all we possess
To bring us back to the origin
The future in our hands
Isn‘t different from
The present’s becoming the past
Do we really have a control over anything that's existent?
Are we going to last?

We are not so different
Than our inventions
Not so far
From becoming the experiment

It came to our realization
That we may be the nature
Of our extinction
For the sake of one race
A world must end
Is it really worth
Starting it again?
A blue dot in the plain
Maybe there is no meaning
This thought drives me insane

None is asked!
None is deserved!
Track Name: Exit
Burdened by our limitations
And a perfection out of reach
We all hold the weight of our journey
Longing for a technological breach

Complex Universe - Simple Existence

We break the laws that surround us
Only to prove their superiority
Light will guide the blind
Darkness will lead to obscurity

And we will fall
Lower in the abyss
Together we will crawl
Down to idiocy
Track Name: Aurora
Catching up with time
Is such a beautiful lie
We will keep believe in
For we wait to die

Stars have ceased to shine
And slept into darkness
Lost is the meaning of night
Lighting our nothingness

Free of commitment
We'll join the circle made Eternal
Rise higher and higher again
And lower and lower we'll fall

Filaments of colors
Dancing across the night
Illuminate the sky

The whole picture
Is there before your eyes
Like a storm
In a sea of light
Like a swarm
Made of fireflies
And we will endure
This crushing wave
Under the form
Of a flood tide
It will transform our lives

And never again
We will witness
Such a moment
Of pure emptyness
No never again
We will get
Such a feeling
Of happyness
We want to feel
The loss, the pain
Of letting it go in vain
Track Name: Omnia Sphere
We have become everlasting
In this garden of refracting stars
Understanding how poor we are
Or why we brightly spark
One by one we are departing
In an instant vanishing
Forever alone but never lonely

A halo
Drawn in the sky
And round and round
Is forming

Earning our place
In time and space
So strong, versatile
Ethereal and fragile

All this darkness
Around us
The obscurity
Cold and quiet
Is haunting our dreams

Cold and quiet
Haunting - Dreams

Infinite options creates
A web of confusion
This multiverse, breathing
Is blurring our conclusion
How can we know so much?
Relying on perception
By only getting answers
Asking the right questions
You can't afford to guess
What is wrong or right
You can't afford a mistake
When planets collide
Of all reasons
This is the reason why
We may not perceive
But we illuminate your night

Like the sun we shine
And we'll light the world's night
Until we die

Diversion in the human mind
Connecting and curving the lines
All distractions offered; all these signs
A circle in the stellar sky...
A circle in the stellar SKY...

The gravity
between reality and formulation
Hangs on the atmosphere
We will end in combustion
The sirens sing the collision
Of spheres
Track Name: 2508
I have become
A multidimension being
Every existing element
Has become a part of me

Now I have lost my consciousness
A better view of creations
And the constant repetition
Of the same malfunction
I cannot seem to separate myself
From what is unity
From what is void
And infinity

Now I have lost my consciousness
Matter ascends, bodies break apart
Atoms expand
To let evolution start
I have come to create
And now I'm leaving
To give autonomy to life

Lost in the extremities
Of existence
Floating in pure space

Invent the equation
Don't need a solution
to solve the imperfection
Track Name: Fade
Imagination fades
Ideas remain undone
Time will progress
And moments will shorten

We live deep in an Ocean
Swimming until the horizon
Only to realize there's no reason
For us to catch the sun

Alone in this empty space
Surrounded by the infinite
Dive down to the surface
Swim up to the limit
Now you doubt what you're looking for
Only to find what you always had
You swim so deep in the ocean
Only to forget you were touching the ground
Now the weak climb the mountain
So sit back and let the waves
Push you to the center of your thoughts
Where the truth lies
And dreams are here to trust
Your mental capacity has reached its limit
No one else will have to know
You have grown to create it

Somewhere outside
The inside, lying behind
The lines above the heights

A no one
And unknown
Is serving your purpose
Track Name: Event Horizon
The Majesty of the Universe
Unfolds before our eyes
Revealed is the corrupted beauty
Through a reality magnified
The less is seen
We are triggered by our past
Darkness surrounds the scene
Beholder of contrasts

Desperation consumes the heart
Dissembler of answers
And we find ourselves lost
In a void we know far too well

Within reach
This journey no longer holds
The purpose which inspired
Man Comfort, Clarity, Rest
Infinite lies
The human condition remains
Within The farthest spirals
Through the Event Horizon
Our Future is set
Time has once again taken
The upper hand
Curiosity proving
Our inferiority
Products of Gravity's relentless force
Master Architects of Space and Time

The limitless
The other side
The imagination
Which was thought to be
Eyes shut
Sleeping among the stars

The Majesty of the Universe
Unfolds before our eyes
Revealed is the corrupted beauty
Through a reality magnified